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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What happens when I order an Akashic Records Soul reading through your website?


When I receive your data ( full name/names, date of birth, place of birth) and your payment is completed, then in 24-48 hrs. I will contact you and let you know when to expect to receive your reading.

2. Is there any possibility to talk with you if i have any questions after I listened to my reading? 


YES. After you listened to the audio recorded session and decided that you still have questions, need a deeper explanation or would like to talk to me about how the information relates to your resent life situation you can order a phone session (additional low fee will apply). This session is unlimited time wise, it will last until all your questions are answered. 

3. Do I need to order FULL Akashic Records Soul reading at once?

NO. You can order the reading in two parts, separately. However having all reading in one piece will give you all information completed at the given moment. 


4. Why do you need my personal information, such as my full name, date of birth and place of birth for the Akashic Records Soul reading?


Your information is expressed through a certain “blueprint” which has a unique vibration. It is encoded in the Universe and called - Akasha Records. Your personal data, such as your name, date of birth and place of birth serves as a personal code to open your Soul's Akashic Record.  


5. Do I have to be present during the Akashic Records or Chakra/Energy/Medical Intuitive reading?


NO. I will be processing your information before the reading and your presence is not needed for that.

6. Do you need my picture to be able to perform the reading ?

NO. I do not need your picture.


7. Can someone else: my husband, girlfriend, parent, sibling listen to my reading?


YES and NO. It depends on the type of the reading:

YES. Most likely You may share your Soul reading information with your loved ones, friends or romantic partner if you want them to better understand who you really are at your Soul level. It might improve the relationship.


;NO. Chakra/Energy and Medical Intuitive readings are very personal ones. They are holding a lot of deep personal information. No other person should be listening to this type of the reading! If you will decide to share it with someone else, you have to be sure that it is emotionally and psychologically safe for you. 


8. Can I order the reading for my spouse, romantic partner, sibling, friend, etc. who is not interested in it and refuses to listen to the information.


NO. I am not performing any work without a consent of the person, direct contact or against one's will.


9. Can I share any of my Soul reading, Chakra/Energy reading or Medical Intuitive reading information with any type of professional: my counselor, family therapist, psychologist, traditional medicine doctor, hands on body healer, etc.?


YES, absolutely! You are more than welcome to share the information with any traditional medicine professional or holistic healer.

10. Can you do a reading for my 7 years old child?


NO. I am not doing readings for kids. A person needs to be at least 18 years old.


11. Can you do an Akashic Records Soul reading for my loved one who passed away?


YES. The Akashic Records are holding a recorded information about every incarnation the person lived on the planet Earth. In this case, in addition of usual information I will need the date of the death.


12. Are you going to let me know when exactly are you going to work on my information, so I should be in a special energy status during that time?


NO. You should live your days as usually, there is no such a requirement for you to be aware of it.


13. How you can read my energy if I am so far away from you?


Through your multidimensional Energy body/Aura you are connected into Collective Consciousness field. My skill of high sensitivity to various forms of energy works as some type of "antenna" and allows me to reach that realm and read your energy easily. Your physical location is not important, you can be as far away as on the other side of a globe.


14. Can you read my mind?


YOU CAN SAY SO… When your Thoughts are inter-connecting to your Feelings they are generating your Emotions which settle down in your energy field. I have a skill which allows me to "see" the sophisticated information you have been generated in the emotional layer of your Energy/Auric field.

15. Are you reading people's energy everywhere where you go: on the street, at the grocery store,

shopping mall, etc.?


NO. I am using my skill to read energy only when I am asked for.


16. I do not understand how you can “read” the status/physical condition of my inner organs which are inside of my body…


The Etheric layer of your energy field is the closest Auric layer next to your physical body. It has a blueprint of all the organs and glands directly connected to your physical body. When psychically tuning into vibrations of your Etheric energy field I can “see” these unique energy expressions.


17. Are you using Tarot cards in any of your readings?


NO, absolutely not.


18. Are you a Medium?


NO, I am not.

19. Are you predicting the future?

NO, I do not. This is not a purpose of my readings. 


20. In what form/shape the information of my Chakra/Energy and Medical Intuitive reading shows up to you?


It is showing up in a form of metaphoric symbols/pictures. These visual energy expressions are working in alignment with my intellect/vast life experience and are carrying meaningful messages for the client.

21. There are a lot of significant events, emotional traumas, etc.. in everybody's life. Are you seeing or analyzing all of them? 

NO. I am shown and analyzing the ones which are representing the heaviest energy blockage and which are the most important for the client at the given time. 


22. How I know that information you are providing is truthful, correct and applies to me personally?


It will resonate with you instantly. My clients are finding that the information of my readings is highly accurate and precise.


23. Are you doing readings for the people who live outside of Colorado state?


YES. I am doing readings worldwide. I have performed my work for clients who were living not only in Colorado, but also in Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, California, as well as Vietnam, India, Spain, Norway, Mexico, Lithuania...

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