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Energy Vibrations


Everything in this world is Energy.  Vibration of energy or frequency fills the Universe. This energy has a beneficial affect on human beings, animals and plants. The purpose of humanity on the planet Earth is to utilize that energy for the spiritual growth. Every human being has different vibration and each is unique. When energy/chakra system is blocked the body radiates a lower vibrational energy.


“The universe does not know whether the

vibration that you're offering is because of

something you're observing or something

you're remembering or something that you

are imagining. It just receives the

vibration and answers it with things that

match it.”   Abraham Hicks


Vibrational Frequency


Words, thoughts, emotions, memories and beliefs have a specific frequency of energy vibration. When caring suppressed, not processed negative feelings, painful memories or self made harmful beliefs the human body is vibrating at lower vibrational level. The human being, seen as a single “energy cell”, is more challenged in trying to connect to the Source if vibrating at low frequency. This kind of disconnection and separation does not allow one to explore life at its full potential.




When going through spiritual, emotional and mental healing process the energy blockages are eliminated and the frequency of energy vibrations is raised. A balanced energy/chakra system allows energy to flow effortlessly/easy establishing strong connection with the Source, which contains unlimited and unimaginable potential to impact one's life in the most unexpected and beautiful ways

When maintaining the higher energy vibrational frequency one may turn the life into new joyful direction discovering a hidden unrealized potential.


Chakra reading information suggested to be used for inner guidance only. It is strongly recommended to see a medical professional for physical evaluation and diagnosis.



Opinion Disclaimer:

The views and opinions expressed on Reading My Soul website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Energy Vibrations. Any content provided by the authors are of their opinion, and are not intended to malign any religion, ethic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.


Medical Disclaimer:

Aruna is not a medical doctor nor associated with any branch of allopathic medicine. Aruna is a psychic energy reader. Energy/medical intuitive information is based on her intuition and should not be a substitute for medical procedures or treatments.

ALWAYS consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning diagnosis for any medical problem or condition before undertaking any diet, health related treatment or lifestyle change program. As in traditional medicine, there are no guarantees with energy intuitive reading.

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